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Look at all the bullshit I been through
If I take you home, will you tell the truth
Look at all the bullshit I been through
If I take you home, will you tell the truth

Momma take this mothafuckin' block off
Tryna reach you everyday, collect calls
Never get through, and I go through withdrawals
Say who told you that I wanted this door
To slam shut, I just wanted to vent or
Ask you if you give me your rent for
A attorney, I can pay you back more
Soon as I get out, yea every rack is yours
Commissary running low, I need help
Not too much, I hustle up the rest myself
K Dot wrote me saying Marcus got killed
If you knew me, then you know how bad I feel
Keisha prove me wrong, and never came to visit
And I heard she fucking on some other nigga
And my niggas left me in the dark, blind
Mama just get back at me this last time

Men lie, Women lie
Men lie, Women lie
Men lie, Women lie
Men lie, Women lie
Look at all the bullshit I been through
If I take you home, will you tell the truth

Mama take this mothafuckin' block off
That's on the date the day I take the block off
Pulled up, and they put me in them cop cars
Please believe me, This ain't easy by far
You forgot you're talking to your only son
Remember when you put me in that relay run
I was racing, chasing dreams to be the best
You had taught me that the very day I won
All I need is you to give me same support
Investigation saying that the same report
From a witness just might testify in court
DA say I take a deal, or take a loss
I ain't built for all them god damn numbers
God's will, say a prayer for me mama
If you can't, then open up the phone lines
Mama just get back at me this last time

Dante, if I stress to take the block off
That's the day the state had take them locks off
I could only help but do so much
Bettering yourself, your own crutch
Look at your reflection tell me who you see
Who is your protection, G-O-D
No it's not neglection, I have just accepted
Your fate and what its gon' be
Remember all the nights that I cried
Thinking that my only son just died
Peeking through the window, Kicking through the door
It's you they looking for, Raid outside
Rather see you locked up than dead
Only you would say that I'm selfish
So before I take the stand, and put this bible in my hand
Son, let me say this

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