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Where are we going? Why are we slowing down?
Where are you going? We should be growing now

Smoke to it nigga, smoke to it nigga
That's what she said to me
That place I used to call home is just a bed to me
And we don't even sleep, neighbors can hear her weep
Meanwhile I'm in these streets with everybody
I'm trying to get it and she know they got me, I watch her feelings watch me
As they staring with the saddest eyes of loneliness
Look each other in the face and barely blink
I tried to make it right but the pen ran out of ink
So if my letters don't reach you, I hope these lyrics in sync

That's what it said to me
But that place I call ambition now dead to me
Gone and forgotten, I'm off track like dale earnhardt
My liver rotten, alcoholic tripping
Fucking bad bitches and they got bad intentions
Club night, guys and dolls
Balling out, but I'm bout to drop the ball
I'm calling out for help, my engineer called
Told me come to the studio, I wanna tell him nah

That's what he said to me
But that place we call heaven unfair to me
Only a hundred and forty-four can go
Seven billion people on planet earth today
Is there something that I don't know?
I know to follow him, rather following people
Or follow vanity cause that means I'm following evil
Guess I'm following evil, I should follow cathedral
Blessings I need, but live like I don't need you

So in conclusion
We all seem to stumble, planning our own demise
Forgetting the big picture and making it wallet size
So to what's important in my life, I apologize
I promise to stay faithful, focused and sanctified
We all get distracted
The question is, would you bounce back or bounce backwards?
Would you not know how to act or take action? It's just a part of life
And if your vision's impaired, you probably lose it all tonight

I'm trying to visualize how to get it right
But my vision's so blurry
Trying to slow it down, stay close to the ground
But we're always in a hurry now
And if I could make this world stand a little slower
Then I would, then we could grow a little closer
I think we're getting closer
I think we're getting closer

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