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Everybody, just clap your hands if your real
Middle finger up, give a fuck how they feel
Be yourself, just show that your real
Middle fingers up

Just let me be me
That's the only way I know
Just let me be me
That's the only way I know how to hold it down

I just wanna be me
No disrespect, but motherfuck you
My education stopped at a high school degree
But I can outsmart any high IQ
Draped in some fly shit
Call me Jeff Goldblum
Cold, my style making my nose run
Oh, I stare at the mirror then realize that "real" lies within me
Some say I'm crazy cause I think like I need a shrink
Ask too many questions about the stars and Earth shit
Rather be in the studio then out buying drinks
So if I'm not clubbing, don't think I'm on some jerk shit
And California on that Jerk shit
But I'd just rather 2-step, like my first steps
Jill Scott on my iPod, as my head rests

Just let me be me
That's the only way I know
Just let me be me
That's the only way I know how to hold it down

And yeah I know I'm from Compton, Cali
But I don't lace up Chucks or rock pink Khakis
And skinny jeans ain't quite the lick
I probably would wear 'em but my dick don't fit
Ha ha ha, I like to joke, got a sense of humor?
Still face, play me short like an oompa loompa
You ain't gotta screw up your face in front of the kids
Won't you lighten up like Michael did?
I grew up with killa's man, people who killed, man
But my character never could be like them, man
And they respect that, say that I'm real man
Not a fake person, that's the Sims man
Live my life through some film, man
I ain't acting out shit, I be packing out shows
Cause' they know that they don't know Kendrick fo' sho.

Just let me be me
That's the only way I know
Just let me be me
That's the only way I know how to hold it down

Almost lost my life to the industry
Had to look through a photobook to remember me
These label heads ain't nothing but bullshit
Have you with professional killa's, chasing hits
Lying to yourself, all over an image
Making records they want, that was wrecking my brilliance
My Mama said, "Boy, that don't sound like you."
I said, "This is the sound, though."
My only excuse
Quite frankly, I dusted off my shoes with my hankie
And kicked it like he skate, make these motherfuckers hate me
The reason why they hate, is cause these motherfuckers ain't me
And you can underrate me, but I know what I'm worth
A diamond in God's dirt, a diamond in winter
Watch the Simpsons and eating some cereal for dinner
See, I give you my life, mix it up in a blender
To make sure that you feel me

Just let me be me
That's the only way I know
Just let me be me
That's the only way I know how to hold it down

{Kendrick Lamar, what are you trying to say?
what are you trying to accomplish?}

I think that I finally reached the pinnacle
Finding myself as an individual
The world is so typical
I just wanna be higher than that
I used to want to be the messiah of Rap
Infatuated with becoming a relevant star
Trying to say goodbye to the glamorous chains and cars
That I never had, but wrote it in my raps to make you mad
Vanity, they say that it can damage me
So do I really want it?
If I didn't, I guess I'm a cool cocaine connect
That means I'll be frontin'
Cooking in a laboratory, hoping I can tell a story
That the whole world can feel, like the ones that came before me
Knowing that I'm misunderstood
So I gotta get my point across like a snitch would
And I would never walk in the shadow that never was really there
Or try to fill the shoes of an invisible pair
And Dame said he proud of my new found honesty
And all I could say is, "Will the radio care?"
Yeah, or should I say no?
Or should I just stop and come with a whole new approach?
You heard my hip-hop when I was 16 years old
Well that was me then, now I'm an adult
22, like the smallest of guns that you know
Most determined, but with the smallest of funds to show
But I'm not worried
My talent should take me places I've never been
The world should turn as soon as my records spin
I wanna be the highest, on top of all the bulls***
The negative you bring, the stress, the violence
The capital punishment, the loud police sirens
Too focused, one word, righteous
This is Kendrick Lamar, and soon ya'll know Cloud 9, ya'll
That means I wanna be the highest
Too focused, one word, righteous
That means I wanna be the highest
Too focused, one word

{Too focused, one word}

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