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Olivia Rodrigo - Miss This



Right now I`m sitting in my room writing a song
It`s never felt like home here, but I guess it`s not far off
Mom is in the kitchen and my clothes are on the floor
Homesick disposition with one foot out the door

I live in the suburbs, But it`s quick drive into town
I`ll pretend it`s New York City, when no one else is around
And there`s parents and their kids, they`re in the lawn
I forgot that in a year it`ll be gone

I miss this
But I`m living it
I wish I could grab life by their shoulders
And scream: I`m sick of getting older
`Cause I miss this
But I`m living it
One day I`ll move on
One day I`ll move out
And I`ll wish that I was
Where I am right now



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