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Olivia Rodrigo - Pay Grade



You call me every night and tell me that you feel like shit
I say: I`m sorry, is there any way I can help with it?
I listen to you scream the world is simply your enemy
With death and taxes what`s the point of tryna be happy

And I`ve had bad days bad years
Bad boys and bad careers
But I`m still standing here
I understand you darling but at the end of the day
You just won`t help yourself
Rather give someone else
A glimpse into your hell
Pour all your problems on `em
Just so you can walk away

Boy, I`m too young
To be your mother
Not smart enough
To be your therapist either
And I`m always here if you need talk
But maybe first you should take a walk
`Cause I`m not gonna make you change
That`s above my pay grade babe



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