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  Pop      Olivia Rodrigo      This Is Love, Right?


Olivia Rodrigo - This Is Love, Right?

A Monday morning you meet me at the hotel
You bought me coffee just to spill it on yourself
But you never take things seriously
It`s kinda why I like you so much honestly
And I wrote a note and left it folded in your pocket
You taped it to your wall in your New York apartment
Kissing in the taxi cab
`Til the driver gives us dirty looks back
It`s l-o-v-e
Or something like that
You`re crazy but it`s not in a bad way
Dancing on the highway
You make me feel older than 17
This is l-o-v-e
Or something really close
Hey baby
I think you`re really dope
I honestly don`t know why I should ever leave your side
`Cause this is love, right?



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